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What to Expect - How to Prep 

I understand you may be nervous, and I’m sure you have at least a couple questions, hopefully this will help calm your nerves and give you a little insight as to what to expect, and how to prep.

First off, please know that all the photos and poses are only done with your consent, no two sessions are alike, and everyone has different levels of comfort in this situation. Please do not hesitate to let me know what you want and more importantly what you do not want to do.

Full nudity is okay, but definitely not necessary. The goal is to use lighting, specific poses and angles that showcase your best features and give your loved one something special to hang onto. I am 100% open to suggestions for poses and picture preference, but in general I will coach you into each pose, letting you know exactly what to do for each set.

I aim to provide a fun, laid back and no-pressure experience that results in beautiful custom edited photos, that remain secure and only seen by myself and whomever you choose to share them with, and I would never share any photos without your consent.

With that said, I’m sure you are still wondering a few things. Most commonly I hear “What should I bring?” It’s always okay to bring too much, there is plenty of room, and even if we don’t end up using it, you’d be happier to have brought it than to wish you had it. Items I find essential for most sessions are: at least one or two matching bra/panty sets, heels and your favorite piece of lingerie (teddies are great, corsets are fun to work with, stockings etc) I also encourage you to think outside the box, bring a dress shirt that belongs to your significant other, their favorite t-shirt, or sports jersey/sports paraphernalia (helmets, gloves, equipment etc). Remember that as fun as the session will be for you, these photos are for them as well, so the items you choose should include some of his/her favorites too. Chunky knit cardigan sweaters can be so sexy, anything that can fall off the shoulder easily or opens in the front create fun posing opportunities. Trench coats, mini-skirts, boy shorts, knee socks and sheer tank-tops are a few other options I love… and don’t forget accessories! Necklaces, rings earrings etc. I also have pieces that girls are welcome to use, that work great in combination with what you bring. For many poses, we created implied nudity, covering with blankets or sheets, or using your hands, arms and legs creatively to cover yourself. Please don’t be intimidated by these options or feel like you have to go buy hundreds of dollars worth of items, we can definitely do a lot with a little.

Now that you have an idea of what to bring, you are probably wondering what you need to do to prep. All of our sessions include glam sessions with beautiful makeup styling most likely by the fantastically talented Kristen Nicholle (click here to view her portfolio). To prep for your glam session, you are encouraged to exfoliate the night before and arrive with clean/dry hair. If you haven't had your makeup done by a true professional, trust me when I tell you just how fantastic makeup makes you feel and look on camera. Many women like to get a tan ahead of time, in my opinion this is not necessary unless you feel more comfortable. Spray tans are great as well, but I would advise that you get a custom spray tan if possible. There are many poses that will show the bottoms of your feet as well as your underarms, so white spots or overly saturated callous places can show up looking pretty orange.

I take pride in minimalist editing, using poses and lighting to accentuate your beauty, rather than unrealistic photoshop techniques to alter the way you actually look. I will do light airbrushing, remove blemishes and a few minor details, as well as stylistic blurring and smudging to create an artistic finish, but you are beautiful just the way you are. Shaving and waxing is totally up to you, left unfinished those things will show up in photos with certain poses. So it is up to you how much prep you’d like to do in that regard.

Finally for the day of the shoot, try to refrain from wearing tight fitting clothes on your way to the studio, lines from socks or bras take a while to go away, and not only add more time to the editing process, but can be difficult to remove completely in post processing. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, I am happy to help in any way I can.

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